Most popular female streamers on Twitch (2024)

When you think of the most popular personalities on Twitch, the first streamers that come to mind might include xQc, HasanAbi, or even Ninja. Despite the prevalence of men in esports and streaming, studies have shown more and more women are starting to participate—and it’s starting to show on Twitch.

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Right now, there’s an abundance of popular female channels on Twitch that can reel in massive viewership numbers daily, regardless of what game they’re playing or the category they’re streaming in.

From our 2021 Yearly Report, last year only 5% of the top 200 streamers were female creators. In February 2022, only 4.5% were female. What can be done to boost #WomeninGaming ?

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Here are some of the most popular female streamers on Twitch who have found a foothold in the community through engaging content and gaming skill.


IronMouse has made waves in the past year as a prominent female Vtuber. The growth of her channel has culminated in a subathon this February in which she held a non-stop stream for 31 days.

During the broadcast, she racked up the second-most active subscribers ever on Twitch with nearly 172,000 subs at one time. The concurrent figure was the most that any female content creator has ever accrued. Her sub count was just shy of the record that Ludwig, who has since left Twitch for YouTube, set when he held a subathon of his own early last year.


Love her or hate her, Amouranth is among the most-watched content creators on Twitch, and in the past year, she is the most-watched female streamer on the platform with more than 40 million hours watched, according to Sully Gnome. The more than 4,000 hours she streamed over that period put to eclipsed male streamers who also have a reputation for streaming long hours, like xQc (3,497) and HasanAbi (2,627).

Despite her viewership, Amouranth is notorious for her status as a “hot tub” streamer because she regularly broadcasts from a pool, wearing scantily-clad bikinis. Her pushing the line of what can be deemed acceptable on Twitch has led to controversy on the platform regarding what is appropriate to stream, leading to the addition of a hot tub stream category.

Her risqué approach hasn’t been without ramifications either. Since 2019, Amouranth has been banned on the platform five different times, all of which were for either one or three days.


As both a member of 100 Thieves and a brand ambassador for Twitch, Fuslie is one of the first names that should come to mind when you think about females that stream on the platform. Starting in 2015, Fuslie got her channel name from a play on her legal name, Leslie Ann Fu.

She originally started streaming League of Legends, but since then she has expanded the breadth of her content including social games like Among Us and role-play games like Grand Theft Auto V. Some of her recent accolades include nominations for content creator of the year by The Game Awards in 2021 and best GTA Role Play Streamer by The Streamer Awards.


CodeMiko is one of the most unique content creators on Twitch, taking the idea of VTubing to a place no other streamers will. With outrageous, interactive elements to her virtual streaming, the character of CodeMiko is controlled by “Technician,” who is the real-life streamer herself Youna Kang.

Differentiating Kang and CodeMiko allows the creator to give Miko a more cartoonish personality, akin to the way Dr Disrespect plays a character on his streams.

Most of Miko’s streams are catered around interviews that she conducts with other content creators and popular personalities. She is largely known for asking interviewees questions that create awkward tension for maximum comedic value.

Meanwhile, the virtual world Miko inhabits has numerous elements that her viewers can interact with through Twitch chat, making her streams an unforgettable experience. While most people use Twitch as second-monitor viewing, watching Miko will likely peel you from your main screen at least a couple of times to participate in some zany chat antics.


Throughout the years, Pokimane has always been arguably the most popular female streamer on Twitch. Despite her success, Pokimane has kept her private life away from the livestream. Although not a lot is known about her personal relationships and life story, it hasn’t impacted her success.

She’s of Morocco descent and lived in Canada, but now she resides in Los Angeles and streams full-time. Before Fortnite was released, Pokimane predominantly streamed League of Legends. Her success on Twitch has led to multiple award nominations and also the title of Twitch ambassador.

Besides partnering directly with Twitch, Pokimane has also been recognized for her stream in other areas. Her resume includes a nomination for Content Creator of the Year by The Game Awards and another by Streamy Awards for the Live Streamer award. She has also won Twitch Streamer of the Year by Shorty Awards, and most recently, she won The Streamer Awards’ Legacy Award.

Pokimane has nine million followers on Twitch and a combined more than eight million subscribers on YouTube. With such a large following, it’s pretty clear that she’s leading the way for female streamers on Twitch.

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Most popular female streamers on Twitch (2024)
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