Top Female Twitch Streamers In 2024 - StreamScheme (2024)

Showcasing the females excelling on Twitch, here are our top 10 female streamers (for a combination of reasons), answering not only who they are and what they stream but how they have continued to proliferate on a gradually saturated platform.

Famous Female Twitch Streamers You Should Know About


  • 17K+ Average Viewers
  • 96K+ Highest Viewers

Our long-time top female streamer belongs toPokimane. Imane Anys has already successfully built herself a career on Twitch and with her YouTube channel, where she streams a variety of popular games and has two large channels,Poki ASMRand Pokimane, sharing mostly gaming content.

She began to gain popularity through her League of Legends content on YouTube, before moving over to Fortnite and, recently, Among Us (being her #1 category by Hours Watched at 2M). She has maintained her popularity through OfflineTV and entertaining interactions with well-known streamers such as Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, andSukkuno.

The greatest influence in her rapid growth is her success in playing new popular games, pulling in new audiences by leveraging her current viewership to rise as one of the top streamers for the newest games.

Known as the “Queen of Twitch,” she is often hailed as the most popular female streamer on the platform.


  • 1.3K+ Average Viewers
  • 19K+ Highest Viewers

Kathleen Belsteen is a successful variety streamer and YouTuber from Australia who streams games such as ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘League of Legends’ and most recently, ‘Among Us’.

However, her immense popularity was gained from her ‘Fortnite’ content on YouTube, which grew as she transitioned to streaming on Twitch.

On top of that, ‘Fortnite’ recently introduced an exclusive ‘LoserfruitCosmetic Bundle’ to the game, making her the second content creator following Ninja to have her exclusive skin, showcasing how popular she is in the ‘Fortnite’ category.

Alongside her well-recognized gaming skills and humorous personality, she continues to be a top-tier steamer representing Australian streamers, making her one of the most popular female Twitch streamers today.


  • 6M+ Followers
  • 8K+ Average Viewers
  • 67K+ Highest Viewers

Kaitlyn Siragusa, famously known as Amouranth on Twitch, is a 29-year-old streamer from Texas, USA. Apart from being the most-watched female streamer on Twitch, she has also established her presence on YouTube. She’s been a crowd favorite and is now one of the top female streamers on Twitch.

Amouranth enjoys cosplaying some of her favorite characters. She also creates ASMR content which can be found on both her YouTube and Twitch channel. Her viewers are also fond of her in-real-life streams that make the audience feel like their tagging along with her adventures.


  • 1M+ Followers
  • 260+ Average Viewers
  • 690+ Highest Viewers

KittyPlays is the Twitch persona of Kristen Michaela. This popular female streamer is originally from Canada but has since moved to Florida, USA. This 30-year-old streamer plays Dota2, CSGO, and Fortnite on her channel.

Kristen has also launched her series called PlayTime with KittyPlays. Here, she hosts several activities, such as inviting influencers and other personalities to guests on the show. You’ll also see her playing video games.

Another great thing about this show is its connection to the audience. It’s truly a well-rounded show worth checking out.


  • 1.2M+ Followers
  • 1.8K+ Average viewers
  • 20K+ Highest Viewers

Rumay Wang, aka Hafu, represents the top female twitch streamers with her rare high-level skill and cheerful personality, being a professional Hearthstone player and previously a professional World of Warcraft player, winning several top titles during her career.

Moving on, she dominates in playing ‘Among Us’, taking second in the category followingPokimane. Her interest also lies in playing chess, where she is also highly skilled and won onChess.comamongst other known streamers.

The combination of her various skill sets in games and engagement with her chat sparks the perfect combination for her continuous growth for engaging streams for a wide audience.

Top Female Twitch Streamers In 2024 - StreamScheme (6)

6. DizzyKitten


  • 680K+ Followers
  • 1.6K+ Average Viewers
  • 17K+ Highest Viewers

Brandi Nick is the person behind DizzyKitten. She is well-known for her Apex Legends and CS:GO streams. However, you will also see her playing Resident Evil 7, Chivalry 2, Dead by Daylight, and Super Hexagon. Apart from that, she also creates ASMR content for her audience.

Her love for video games started with World of Warcraft. She was just 11 years old when she saw her brother playing this game. By 2013, she decided to try out streaming.

And today, her channel has blossomed into one of the most entertaining streams on the platform. She’s on her way to becoming an even more famous female Twitch streamer.


  • 2.4M+ Followers
  • 5.4K+ Average Viewers
  • 18K+ Highest Viewers

At 30, Lily Ki is a well-known streamer, artist, and singer, who gained popularity through her ‘League of Legends’ content on YouTube in 2006, and has since grown an audience as she began to stream the game on Twitch.

Also part of OfflineTV with Pokimane, Valkyrae, and other well-known streamers, Lily is amongst one of the most popular ‘Just Chatting’ streamers on Twitch.

Her creativity and versatile background in music, drawing, and cosplay allow her to reach out to different types of viewers and expand her audience.


  • 1.5M+ Followers
  • 2K+ Average Viewers
  • 7K+ Highest Viewers

Loeya is a famous Fortnite player from Sweden. Apart from Fortnite, she also enjoys playing Counter-Strike, The Sims, and League of Legends. Loeya is one of the most successful female streamers on this list, and I’ll tell you why.

She joined Fnatic and snatched the 19th spot during the 2018 Summer Skirmish for Fortnite. In addition, she has her own line of keycaps after partnering with Dwarf Factory.

Oh, and did I mention she’s currently studying medicine? She surely works and plays hard!


  • 610K+ Followers
  • 670+ Average Viewers
  • 6.2K+ Highest Viewers

Lea May, more popularly known as LegendaryLea in the Twitch community, resides in San Diego, California. Hearthstone, CS:GO, Dark Souls III, Overwatch, and H1Z1 are among the games she plays and streams on Twitch.

The gaming community has been enjoying her streams and supporting her streaming career. It won’t be long till she reaches a million followers.


  • 1.8M+ Followers
  • 2.1K+ Average Viewers
  • 5.7K+ Highest Viewers

With the oldest archived stream starting from late 2018,Anitais another successful streamer that has amassed huge popularity on both Twitch and YouTube in such a short time.

Afflicted with Tourrette’s syndrome, she brings awareness and entertainment to her content. Primarily an ‘IRL’ streamer, she also plays a few other games such as ‘Among Us,’ where Tourettes often makes her unintentional outbursts of profanity in her commentary and engagement with chat a unique comedic experience to watch.

Her cheerful personality and dark sense of humor, alongside her laughing at some hilarious incidents when Tourette’s kicks in, is a factor in her success in her continuous growth. Anita is an animal rehabilitator, artist, and gamer who deserves to be on this list.


As the Twitch platform and these streaming queens continue to grow, they demonstrate their continuous effort to entertain viewers and maintain their success by garnering further popularity through multiple platforms, such as TikTok, a suitable platform for twitch streamers to capture their streams in a minute or less.

Top Female Twitch Streamers In 2024 - StreamScheme (11)

Top Female Twitch Streamers In 2024 - StreamScheme (2024)
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