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The Minute Clinic is a walk-in clinic that can be found within many CVS pharmacies across the United States. While not every CVShas one, the ones that do can provide exams, physicals, vaccinations and even offerto monitor your health. The cost of visiting this clinic will depend on the reason for your visit and your insurance provider.

How much does the CVS Minute Clinic cost?

On average, the CVS Minute Clinic ranges anywhere from $60 to as much as $100 for a walk-in session without insurance. This is a session that will not include lab work or a prescription if you were to need one. However, according to our research, the cost for most services will be in the $89 to $129 range.

For example,a sports physical will cost about $69, while a simple TB test will cost $35.

If you have any sort of health insurance, these clinics will be more than happy to accept it. If you have a health insurance policy plan that is accepted by the clinic, you will be responsible for your co-pays and deductibles.

To get a list of tests that the Minute Clinic can perform, check out their official website at You will be able to view the prices and things that they can do in your local area.

CategoryAverage Price
Minor illnesses$89 to $129
Minor injuries$89 to $129
Skin Conditions$89 to $129
Wellness & physicals$30 to $129
Screenings & monitoring$59 to $99
Vaccinations & injections$29 to $240
Travel Health$59 to $149
Women's Services$59 to $109
In-clinic labs & tests (only available in conjunction with services mentioned above)$25 to $40

NOTE: These averages were taken from the official CVS website and may change at any given time. Please use this guide as an estimate only. These are prices for those without insurance.

CVS Minute Clinic oveview

The CVS Minute Clinic offers a plethora of services and options, including treating minor illnesses, minor injuries, screenings, skin condition checks, vaccinations, wellness exams, physicals and women’s services.

A Minute Clinic, as noted above, is basically a small doctor’s office within a CVS pharmacy. Often monitored by either a nurse practitioner or doctor, you will show up on the spot, sign in using a touch screen computer and wait in the smaller waiting room. The average weight will depend on the number of people waiting there, but most of the time, it’s less than 15 minutes. Once inside, it will be like any other doctor’s appointment where the health professional will take your vitals and diagnose your symptoms. If you need a prescription, it will be sent to the pharmacy immediately. A blog explains the process he went through.

What are the extra costs?

If lab work, such as a blood test, has to be done, the results are going to be considered an additional cost. According to the website, it will be an additional $25 to $40, depending on the test required.

If a prescription has to be written, getting it filled will be considered an additional expense. Since prescription drugs can widely vary, the costs can be anywhere from $10 to as much as $200 or morewithout any type of insurance.

Tips to know:

The Minute Clinic is a great way to get treated for minor illnesses without having to wait for an appointment with your doctor. Keep in mind that they will only treat minor issues that can be easily fixed with medication.

The Minute Clinic will often have hours posted. Be sure to check the hours before heading in to make sure that they are opened.

While these clinics are located inside of CVS, this does not mean that every CVS is going to have one. To find out which one has a clinic, you can check out here.

If the illness or injury is rather extreme, skip walk-in clinics such as this one and go straight to your local hospital’s emergency room. Since they will only work with minor injuries and illnesses, they will more than likely send you there anyway.

How can I save money?

Always check with your insurance provider ahead of time to know which type of clinics are covered under your policy. Even if you’re uninsured, they will still accept cash paying patients.

If the nurse recommends that you fill a prescription, you can ask for the generic of the medication to save money, especially if you do not have medical insurance.

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    How Much Does the CVS Minute Clinic Cost? (2024)


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    CVS is usually described as being uncomfortable, rather than painful. In most cases, an injection of local anaesthetic will be given before transabdominal CVS to numb the area where the needle is inserted, but you may have a sore tummy afterwards. Transcervical CVS feels similar to a cervical screening test.

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    Can you go to the ER without insurance in Florida? ›

    As a patient seeking emergency care in Florida, you have certain rights and protections. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) ensures that individuals with emergency medical conditions are treated regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

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    Is chorionic villus sampling covered by insurance? ›

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    How long does CVS procedure take? ›

    The test itself takes about 10 minutes, although the whole consultation may take about 30 minutes. The CVS procedure is usually described as being uncomfortable rather than painful, although you may experience some cramps that are similar to period pains for a day or two afterwards.

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    For example, CVS is generally done earlier in pregnancy than amniocentesis and is particularly advantageous for detecting certain genetic conditions. Another important factor is the risk for miscarriage, which has been attributed to 0.5%-1.0% of CVS procedures and 0.25%-0.50% of amniocentesis procedures.

    What is the success rate of CVS? ›

    How reliable are the results? CVS is estimated to give a definitive result in 99 out of every 100 women having the test. But it cannot test for every condition and it's not always possible to get a conclusive result.

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